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Frequently asked questions:

1.Is the flannel preshrunk and washable?
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Yes, the flannel is preshrunk. It is washable but, because it is 100% cotton, we cannot guarantee it will not shrink further if washed. We recommend cold water only if washed and that the Design Wall be dried while stretched over the frame.

2.What color is the flannel?

The flannel is solid white or grey in the standard size. Smaller sizes are in white only.

3. How stable is the wall?

It is very stable when set up on a carpeted or textured floor. On a smooth surface (ie wood, tile, linoleum floors) it is possible for the support legs to slip although we have greatly mitigated that possibility through the use of rubber end caps on the support poles.

4. How long does it take to set up & take down?

One person can easily assemble the Design Wall, without assistance, in less than 10 minutes. Two people working together can assemble the Design Wall in 3 to 4 minutes. It can be disassembled is less than 2 minutes.

5. Can it be moved when fully assembled?

Yes – Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall weighs about 6 lbs and can be easily moved so long as there is a six foot high by two foot wide opening.

6. How many & how large of pieces will it hold?

Assuming a 10” X 10” quilt block the Design Wall can readily hold 49 pieces in place at any given time. Individual pieces can be removed and replaced without fear of displacing any other pieces. The Design Wall could be used to display a finished quilt by laying it over the top.

7. Is there a right & wrong side to the flannel?

The corner and sleeve seams for the pole inserts are on the 'back' side. Otherwise there is no difference between front and back.

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